Exclusively Managed strives to exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of our Client FAQ. We understand that you may have many questions when it comes to your investment and hope that the below information can assist you when choosing Exclusively Managed as your Property Management Agency.

Whether this is your first investment or your fifth, we are thrilled to have you as one of our Exclusive Client FAQ and are here to help you through every step.

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An appraisal is an estimation of the value of your Lakes Property. 

When we are completing an appraisal, we will look at how much the property you’re looking to rent out will likely achieve in the current market. Client FAQ, we will work with you to ensure that your rental property can achieve maximum rent and look at any upgrades needed to ensure your home is ahead of the market, as well as what makes a home easier to rent.

While you are with us, we will complete an appraisal on your property throughout the course of the year ensuring that we keep our eye on the market trends and ensure your property is always ahead of the market.


At our agency, all fees are upfront and transparent – there are no inspection fees, statement fees, or hidden costs. 

We have a percentage Fee Option and a Fixed Fee Option for you to choose from.

With our fixed fee option, what you see, is what you get. You will always have the same monthly outgoing cost, there are no additional fees.

Both of our fee options are transparent, there are no hidden fees for any  “extra duties” and our fixed fee includes additional costs, such as filling vacancies, inspection fees, and exit fees.

Form 6 Management Agreement

The only way we can begin working for you is after the Form 6 Management Agreement is signed. 

Your Form 6 Management Agreement will be prepared after you have completed your bespoke survey. We know you’re as busy as we are, so we’re sending this to you for electronic signing, so we can begin working with you sooner.

Once the Management Agreement is signed, our job is to find the best tenant for your property as soon as possible. Our team keeps you updated all the way through the process, from planning the correct advertisement, to completing viewings and processing applications. 

Insurances; Landlord & Public Liability

Before renting out your investment property it is highly recommended to have appropriate insurance cover such as Building and Contents, Public Liability and Landlord Protection Insurance. 

Landlord Insurance is extremely important and one of the first things you should start thinking about. 

No matter how good your tenants are, any tenancy can take a turn for the worse at any moment if the tenants circumstances change, so it’s important to be prepared.

Packages are typically available from your preferred Insurer for cost effective and comprehensive protection.

All queries about insurance must be directed to Insurance Providers. Exclusively Managed are unable to assist you with choosing your preferred insurer but we can assist you with arranging quotes.

Getting the property ready & photography

We work with you to ensure that your home is rent-ready before we arrange the photographer! 

In this example, the property and its inclusions are clean and well presented, the lawn and gardens are neat and tidy, and any handyman work is organised and completed. 

To ensure the property is safe and fit for habitation, it must comply with local and state building codes. 

Whether you are still at the property or not, we can arrange to meet with you beforehand and send you a handy guide before the photographer arrives. While we work with the photographer to ensure that your new photos are as perfect as possible, we can organise trades before you vacate.

Advertising your property

We know that your home is different to your neighbours and that is why when advertising your property, your home is marketed uniquely to fit in with its intended audience. 

When it comes to showing your property, the last thing you would want is 5 inspections during the week with nobody showing up; this is why our prospective tenants choose the time they want to inspect the property, and we work around their schedule. 

We keep a close eye on the enquiry we receive and make sure we’re as flexible and accommodating as possible when it comes to conducting open homes, during the week, on weekends and after hours.

Application Process

The main purpose of our screening process is to ensure that tenants are capable of meeting the responsibilities of the Tenancy Agreement, to minimize risk to your investment. We keep you informed of all applications so you can participate in the selection process. 

Rental properties are advertised across multiple media, ensuring maximum exposure for your rental. A for lease sign will be placed at the property, and we will also advertise online and through social media.

Our team can then begin preparing your property for your new tenants once the lease has been signed. Then, all tenancy documents are emailed and uploaded to the Owner Portal, and the Entry Condition Report is completed.

Mid Month & End of Month Payments and Statements

Rent is disbursed at least twice every month and into your nominated bank account. All statements and invoices can be found on the PropertyMe portal.

All rent money received on your behalf are held in our regularly audited Trust Account. This money is used to pay all authorised payments relating to your investment property. Example, council rates, insurance, repairs and maintenance.  

All Invoices are sent to you with your next statement. The Trust Account period concludes with account processing occurring on the first business day of each month to comply with Trust Account auditor requirements.

If you want to change your bank details you will need to email our agency. 

Property Condition Reports

A condition report records the general condition of the property on a room-by-room basis and including fixtures and fittings. 


What makes our reports different? 

We don’t rush through the reports, and know that the more detail and photos prepared will limit issues during and at the end of any tenancy.
Each report is filled out with as much detail and accuracy as possible. If there is a dispute about missing items or damage, the report can be used as evidence at the end or during the tenancy. 

Entry Condition Report
Exclusively Managed Expectations – 500 – 900 + Photos
Before a Tenant moves in, your Property Manager completes an Entry Condition Inspection with a carefully detailed report. Our team take on average 400 photos per property, to avoid any disputes with the tenant and ensures that our clients are best protected. 

Exit Condition Report
Exclusively Managed Expectations – 200+ Photos
At the end of the tenancy the entry condition report is used to compare the condition at the vacate inspection, fair wear and tear considered. Once finalised the Tenant’s bond is disbursed appropriately.
We will complete a full report on the whole condition of the home, as well as the difference from the entry condition report. 

Routine Inspection Report
Exclusively Managed Expectations – 40-80 Photos
We take care of your Property’s maintenance and repairs as if it were our own. The purpose of the Routine Inspections are,

Firstly, to bring to your attention any immediate maintenance needs and,

Secondly, to inform you of any preventative maintenance or refurbishment that may be beneficial for a rent increase where possible. We also ensure that the tenant is looking after the home as required in-line with the general tenancy agreement. Our clients can then forecast and budget accordingly, for any upgrading work suggested in the report.

Changing Managing Agents

We understand it is stressful and a big disadvantage if your investment is not being managed correctly.

Our clients choose Exclusively Managed because they want a proactive approach that doesn’t begin when we collect keys. We are happy to work with you and your tenants before we take over management, but most importantly, we will contact your agent so you do not have to. 

Once our clients have completed their bespoke survey, they are sent their Form 6 Management Agreement. Once signed, and collated, we will reach out to your agent and provide notice as required under your agreement.

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Rent Arrears Management

Rent arrears are tracked each business day, and actions are taken when necessary. A reminder is sent if the Tenant is 3 to 7 days in arrears. In the event of rent arrears on the 8th day, a formal Notice to Remedy Breach is issued as legalization allows.

If rent continues to be unpaid we will seek your instruction and advice. When legalisation allows, we will issue a formal Notice to Leave if the Notice to Remedy Breach is not rectified on time. Contact is maintained until the matter is resolved – i.e. payment of rent or termination of the eviction process.

Maintenance & Repairs

Work arranged by Exclusively Managed for your investment is completed by a suitably qualified and licensed tradesperson. A warranty or insurance claim may be applicable to the work required. We contact the supplier or insurer to file a claim on your behalf if appropriate.

Tradespeople who meet Exclusively Managed’s stringent requirements can be found in our extensive network. If we don’t trust them to do the work in our home, we won’t trust them with yours.

Rental Bond

A rental bond is a security deposit paid at the start of the tenancy. The is lodged with the RTA and held there until the tenant vacates. 

A maximum amount equal to four weeks rent is to be paid by the Tenant as Bond prior to the move in date, unless the rent is greater than $700 per week. In this case, then an agreed amount can be requested to be paid over and above the four weeks rent as Bond. 

When the tenant vacates the premises and Exclusively Managed completes an Exit Condition Report and when we satisfied the Tenant has returned the Property as required and all rent has been paid. The Bond is then dispersed appropriately.

Fixed Lease Agreements & Periodic Agreements

A General Tenancy Agreement (Form 18a) is the agreement between a tenant and a lessor/agent which sets out the terms that apply to the tenant’s stay in general tenancies such as houses, units and townhouses. Tenants and lessor/agents must abide by the terms of the agreement they sign.

The Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (the Act) states what must be included in every General Tenancy Agreement covered by the Act in Queensland.

An agreement can be:

A fixed term agreement, which means an agreement for a set period, with an identified end date, or
A periodic agreement, which means an agreement which has no set end date and which operates on, for example, a fortnight to fortnight basis.

Lease Renewals & Electronic Signing

Our office has implemented electronic signing for all General Tenancy Agreement’s (Form 18a) alongside Realworks Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Docusign.

This is a technology we use to privately, securely, and accurately record the details of activities and transactions that take place in relation to all tenancy agreement’s. 

We offer our landlords the advantage of lease agreements coming back 90% faster, which is less downtime, and produces a faster result.

Water Payments & Reimbursement

As a Landlord you are responsible to pay Council Water Sewerage Rates and Land Tax.

From the date a tenancy commences and if specified on the Tenancy Agreement, Tenants are responsible to pay for electricity, telephone, gas plus water usage charges over and above the average allowance incurred.

We aim on working with our clients to pass on full water consumption costs as long as the investment property is water efficient. 

Property Inspections

The lessor/agent can enter the premises for reasons set out in the Act. Notice must be given in writing on a form called an Entry Notice.

The lessor/agent can enter at any time without notice if the tenant agrees, but only at the time agreed to by the tenant.

The lessor/agent can also enter at any time without notice in an emergency, or if there are reasonable grounds to believe entry is necessary to protect the premises from damage.

The amount of notice the lessor/agent must give depends on the reason for entering the premises.

Routine Inspections cannot be carried out more than once every 3 months (unless the tenant agrees in writing)

The tenant must be given a minimum of 7 days’ notice for entry, using an Entry Notice.

Entry can be at a specific time or a property manager/owner can give a 2-hour window (e.g. entry to occur between 9-11am).

Breach of Tenancy Agreement

A breach of the tenancy agreement is when the property manager / owner / tenant fails to comply with any part of the agreement.

Tenant: Non-payment of rent, failure to maintain the property in good condition, keeping a pet without permission, damage to property, etc.

Property Manager / Owner: Failure to maintain the property, failure to repair something that is / was damaged, failure to fulfill the obligations listed in the agreement.

In the case of a breach by the tenant, the property manager and tenant should discuss the situation and work out a solution (e.g. determine a repayment schedule for rent arrears, or agree on how to fix the damage). If this does not resolve the issue, a Notice to Remedy Breach (Form 11) may be issued.

Notice is sent to the other party informing them that there is a problem or dispute, and asking them to resolve the situation within a specified period.

A Property Manager / Owner / Tenant can apply to QCAT to have the tenancy ended if:

They have issued a Notice to remedy breach on 2 occasions for the same breach (and each breach was rectified),
A third breach occurs within a 12 month period, and
The problem is of a serious nature
Applying to QCAT does not automatically mean the agreement will be terminated. The tenant should continue to pay rent until the agreement is formally ended.

Breaking a Lease Agreement

A tenancy agreement is a legally binding agreement. If a tenant ends a fixed term agreement before the end date without grounds they are breaking the agreement. 

The tenants are required to contact our agency if they are wishing to break lease. From receiving appropriate form of notice we will contact you and inform you of their preferred vacate date, and our break lease strategy. 

The property owner and tenant are legally required to minimise any costs associated with breaking a lease, this is called mitigating loss.

Changing Managing Agents

We understand it is stressful and a big disadvantage if your investment is not being managed correctly.

Our clients choose Exclusively Managed because they want a proactive approach that doesn’t begin when we collect keys. We are happy to work with you and your tenants before we take over management, but most importantly, we will contact your agent so you do not have to. 

Once our clients have completed their bespoke survey, they are sent their Form 6 Management Agreement. Once signed, and collated, we will reach out to your agent and provide notice as required under your agreement.

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