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samantha eason

samantha eason
principal and licensee
property management specialist

Founded by Samantha Eason, Exclusively Managed aims to achieve high rental prices and unique investment strategies, while shifting industry expectations.

The Exclusively Managed Bespoke Strategy was created by Samantha by emphasising communication, expert property solutions, quality client & customer service, and above all, putting the client in control of their investment.

With 12 years’ experience in the real estate industry, residential construction, and customer service; Samantha is well known for developing strategies that help clients achieve a high rent yield in their investment properties and ensure that they stay ahead of the market.

Samantha’s passion for Property Management is praised by her peers, customers, and clients alike. Samantha enjoys helping investors increase their rent and focuses on growth with every aspect of property management.

Working with some of Brisbane’s Elite Agencies; Samantha brings skills and accomplishments through extensive hands on experience, comprehensive training and her meticulous approach to managing property. In addition to possessing a fun attitude, a quick mind, and a desire to interact with people, Sam is committed to building quality relationships and believes that good communication is the key to any successful investment.

Inherent in the ability to handle conflict calmly and competently, Sam is not afraid of disputes; she enjoys working directly on resolving issues with a positive and ethical outcome for everyone.

Samantha is a leading Property Manager with extensive market knowledge and an unwavering devotion to client satisfaction. Her success is almost solely based on client referrals.

In addition to her honest and direct approach to Property Management, she always offers sound investment advice, and provides a secure solution for the success of her clients’ investments.

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The management of your investment is based on your requirements, investment success, and individualized investment goals.

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