Your Expectations


We are upfront with the information our clients are provided, as well as the detail within the reports created throughout each tenancy. You’re expecting high quality service, and that is exactly what we will give you, and it starts with our reporting.

If you have any requests that our bespoke strategy does not cover, please let us know and we will accommodate your needs as far as is possible. 

It can be challenging to switch agents, but it is not meant to be. Our clients have many questions and high expectations regarding the management of their investment property, and we do not expect anything less from you.

Click on an image below for a more detailed example of what is included.

Entry Condition Reports

The Entry Condition Report records the condition of the property, and any inclusions, at the start of the tenancy.

It is expected that the property manager takes a detailed description of each room, and area of the home, as well as photos to accompany the report.

The Entry Condition Report is a vital report required throughout the tenancy, as well at the end of the tenancy. 

Ensuring that there are enough photos of the property in the report limits the chances of a tenancy dispute at the end of the tenancy.  If completed correctly the entry condition report can assist the client with insurance claims, and other required investigations that may be required during a tenancy,

Routine Inspection Reports

Routine Inspections are carried out to ensure the property is well cared for and to check if there are any maintenance or health and safety issues.

Our team ensure that the inspections are focused on improvements as well as the general overall repair of the home, including the tenants responsibilities.

When completing a routine inspection, its important that the whole house is photographed, alongside using the reports for insurance, or any disputes at the end of the tenancy. 

Exclusively Managed conduct Routine Inspections as required -based on the clients personalised management survey, completed.

Exit Condition Reports

An Exit Condition Report shows the condition of the property and any inclusions when the tenant leaves. 

Exclusively Managed not only focus on the tenants vacate, but the full condition of the home and the maintenance found for the owner to attend to.

Ensuring that the whole house is included in the report there is less chance for a dispute at the end of the tenancy, incase of any damages found after a tenant re-attends, and the owner is able to visualise the whole house empty; organise upgrades required, and the report should have enough photos for the client to feel comfortable knowing that the agent isn’t hiding anything.