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Property Inspections & Viewings

Choosing a new home is all about making sure that it is equipped with all the amenities that you and your family require. 

Prior to scheduling an inspection, we will outline the important aspects of the home in our rental advertisement; however, we strongly encourage you to investigate the property to determine whether it is the proper size, is in the right location, and has the level of security you need.  

The advertisements for all inspections will be uploaded at the beginning of the week. Each inspection will last 15 – 30 minutes, so please arrive on time.


Applications are submitted via 1Form and cannot be processed if they are incomplete. 

Along with your application, please provide 100 proofs of identification, as well as 3 most recent pay slips and supporting documents. It is our goal to provide prospective customers with an update within 24 hours of receiving their completed applications.

Contact your personal and employment references before you submit your rental application, as delays in verifying your tenancy or employment history are the main reasons for rental application delays.

Approval Process & Moving In

As soon as the application has been approved, we will confirm the tenancy details and if the application can be moved forward. In addition, a confirmation of the sign up appointment is emailed along with the preferred method of payment for rent, General Tenancy Agreement, RTA Bond Form, and other moving in documentation.

The applicant will be required to pay the holding deposit within 48 hours of being approved. This holding deposit then serves as the first two weeks’ rent.

In advance of the lease start date, our team arranges a time to meet with the approved tenants at the property and review the tenancy documentation, the Entry Condition Report, the Tenancy Handover Pack and all keys and remotes.

Pet Approval

There is no guarantee that a pet will be approved. You should check with our agency before applying for a property to determine whether pets are permitted. If they are, you will be required to submit a Pet Application along with your application.

If you are adding one (or more) fluffy animals to your family but are already a client of Exclusively Managed, you will need to submit a Pet Application as well.

By completing this form, the property owner does not automatically approve the pets.

Paying your rental bond

A rental bond is a security deposit paid at the start of the tenancy. The bond is lodged with the RTA online through the RTA’s Web Services. You will be provided with information on how and where to pay bond when you are approved for your property.

Entry Condition Report

The Entry Condition Report lists the condition of the property at the time of entry as well as any inclusions (e.g. furniture).

A report will be prepared outlining the overall condition of the property, and photos will be taken that will be included in the report. A copy of the report will be emailed to you, prior to the beginning of your lease term.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to return the completed, signed report to our team within three days. Tenants who do not complete the report and return it indicate that they are in agreement with the description of the property.

Repairs & Maintenance

In order to make things easier for you, we ask that repairs are reported in writing via email or online portal within a reasonable period of time. 

If possible, all maintenance items will be addressed and completed within seven to fourteen days. If this is not possible, you will be updated frequently if the timeline is exceeded.

On behalf of the owner, our office will conduct regular inspections throughout the year. The purpose of these inspections is to provide the owner with reports regarding maintenance and improvements. There is no need for you to be present for these inspections, as we have access to your home with our keys, and ask that no maintenance be left on the kitchen bench and that it be reported to our office before the inspection.

Please refer to the phone numbers in the general tenancy agreement or welcome email if emergency maintenance is required outside of office hours. 

Our maintenance processes are very strict, and we respond to all enquiries within 24 hours of receiving them. All maintenance requests are attended to the same day they are made, and all tenants have 24/7 access to their tenancy portal for all tenancy details, documents, and 24/7 live maintenance updates.

Change of Tenants

During a tenancy, if the bond arrangements are altered, a Change of Bond Contributors (Form 5) must be submitted to the RTA. This form must be signed by all parties, including the Property Manager. The tenant/s leaving will also need to receive their share of the bond from the tenant/s moving in or those remaining. We are not able to assist in this process. 

The RTA must maintain an accurate record of who contributed to the bond in order to ensure a smooth refund process at the end of a tenancy.

Through the RTA Web Services, this document can also be completed electronically.

Breach of Tenancy Agreement

Tenancy agreements are breached when the property manager, owner, or tenant fails to comply with any part of the agreement.

Tenant: failure to pay rent, failure to maintain the property in good condition, keeping a pet without permission, damaging property, etc.

Property Manager / Owner: failing to keep up with maintenance on the property, failing to repair something that is / was damaged, and failing to perform services required by the agreement.

The property manager and tenant should discuss the breach and try to find a solution (e.g. agree on a repayment schedule for rent arrears or how damage can be repaired). If this does not resolve the problem, a Notice to Remedy Breach (Form 11) may be issued.

The notice informs the recipient that there is a problem or dispute and asks for the matter to be resolved within a specific period of time.

A Property Manager, a Landlord, or a Tenant may apply to QCAT to terminate their tenancy in the following cases:

On two occasions they have issued a Notice to remedy breach (and each breach was rectified),
A third breach occurs within the next 12 months, and
The problem is of a serious nature
An application to QCAT does not automatically lead to the termination of the agreement. The tenant should continue to pay rent until the agreement is formally terminated.

Breaking a general tenancy Agreement

Tenancy agreements are legally binding contracts. A tenant who breaks a fixed term agreement before its end date is breaking the agreement. 

The term “break the lease” refers to this action. When a tenant wants to end their lease early, it is important that the property manager be contacted to ensure the process is effective.

Ending a tenancy

A notice of intention to leave (Form 13) should be used if a tenant wishes to vacate during the tenancy or at the end of the tenancy.
Following the receipt of the Form 13 our office will send a confirmation of vacating email, along with preferred cleaners and additional information that can assist with the process. 

It is the tenant’s responsibility to leave the property in the same condition as when they moved in (except for normal wear and tear). This includes returning all keys and remote controls. Where possible, we aim to release the bond to the customer within three business days.