A key aspect of maximising your rental income and maintaining the value of your residential investment property is attracting high-quality tenants. Continue reading to learn how you can attract better tenants.

It is important to make a good first impression, and this begins with the home. Ensure that your property has a well-manicured lawn, clean pathways, and a fresh coat of paint if necessary to improve its curb appeal.

Property that is clean and well-maintained sends a strong message to prospective tenants that you take pride in the property and its surroundings.

Additionally, ensure that the interior of the property is in excellent condition with clean walls, functioning appliances, and updated fixtures. In addition to attracting responsible tenants, a well-maintained property also justifies a higher rental rate.

Don’t advertise NAKED!

This happens all the time. The photos of a newly renovated or newly built home are, as the name implies, naked. There is no furniture (virtual or staged), the home does not appear inviting, and prospective tenants cannot visualise themselves living in the property. It does not appear inviting, and when you are attempting to attract great tenants at a great price, it is important that they feel welcome.

You can build a property that attracts responsible and reliable tenants who value a well-maintained living environment by focusing on the above. Ultimately, this benefits not only your rental income but also your investment’s long-term value.


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