Project: Nordic-tuary

Project Overview: Enhancing Property Appeal and Longevity

Exclusively Managed specialises in elevating our clients’ investments through tailored property management strategies. We understand the pivotal role that renovations and improvements play in enhancing property appeal, longevity, and potential for increased rental yield and capital growth.

This project spanned over 2 months for the design including colours, materials and plan changes. The project was a new build situated in North Brisbane. Exclusively Managed’s focus encompassed selecting colours, materials, and furniture to fulfil the client’s vision.

The client expressed a desire for a Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic characterised by brightness, lightness, boldness, and uniqueness.

Our approach revolved around maintaining a contemporary, minimalistic, and timeless ambiance throughout the property. By carefully curating elements and incorporating modern design principles, we ensured that the space resonated with the client’s vision while appealing to prospective tenants or future buyers.

    Choosing Colours & Materials

    The focus was on integrating marble stone, timber, and leather materials seamlessly to create a harmonious and inviting space. With the goal to leverage the unique qualities of each material while ensuring they complement one another within the overall design scheme.

    Material Selection:

    Marble Stone: Utilising marble stone for the kitchen benchtop’s to add a touch of elegance and luxury to the space. Selecting marble with distinctive veining patterns and subtle variations to enhance visual interest.
    Timber: Incorporating timber elements to bring warmth and texture to the design. Exploring different timber species and finishes to achieve a cohesive look that balances with other materials.
    Leather: Integrating leather accents to introduce richness and sophistication. Experimenting with various leather colours and textures to create depth and visual contrast while maintaining harmony with the overall design palette.

    Design Considerations:

    Colour Palette: Balancing different hues of leather and timber to create a cohesive colour palette that complements the space.
    Texture: Emphasising the tactile qualities of each material to add depth and dimension to the design. Contrasting smooth marble surfaces with the grainy texture of timber and the supple feel of leather.
    Harmony: Ensuring that the combination of materials creates a harmonious visual and tactile experience for occupants. Paying attention to scale, proportion, and placement to achieve a balanced composition.

    In addition to our proficiency in property management, we prioritise ensuring our clients’ investments stay ahead of the market. When designing an uplift for our clients, we meticulously assess factors such as demographic suitability, potential value enhancement, and timelessness in design.

    As a result of our reputation for delivering exceptional returns on our clients investment’s, we are the first choice for Brisbane investors seeking to enhance their real estate portfolios as well as increase their short term and long term capital. 

    For our high-end clientele, we believe in providing meticulously crafted designs and structures that match the calibre of their investments.

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